A lathe for Hobart hackerspace (2/11/2016)

We have been very fortunate with donations to Hobart hackerspace. Recently, we had a donation of a sherline 3" precision lathe. ( thanks, Ray! )

This machine was covered in the dust of ages, but the parts are all in very good condition. So, being hackers, the first thing we did was to pull our new machine apart. A bit of a polish on the brass, and a bit of oil in the moving parts, and away it went.

This lathe is quite small and simple to use, but remember - it is a power tool. Remember to wear safety glasses. Think about what you are doing. If in doubt, ask!


Live Blog (27/04/16)

Hi and welcome to my first live update from a Weekly Meeting.  

There is a bit of tinkering going on tonight as well as some visitors being shown around the place.  

Brian is working on "Repairing" an old british electric beater.  Looks interesting and will be great to see it working at another meeting.  Maybe he can mix us some nice batter to make some donuts.  

Hackerspace WoW! - (week of workshops)

Hobart Hackerspace Week of Workshops, now over two weeks :P
We have GovHack and we have our own lives and wives/husbands to deal with, so this time our Week of Workshops has a few breaks in the middle, but you still get all the excellence of learning new things from people who are really no smarter than you. Don't you love the honesty? You know it's true when most of these workshops are being run by Shane.

For financial members it's all free, non-members $10 (excluding the Wednesday evening session 8th Jul which is open to the public)

Help us get Internet back!

Hobart Hackerspace was recently the victim of a theft.

Fortunately, it was not an inside job. Either from within the building or within the community. But instead, it was a piece of our external equipment. An antenna that was providing a link to our Internet connection.

It was worth about $150. Not the end of the world. But too small to claim on our insurance. And still.. something that a cash strapped social enterprise, which we are, weren’t counting on.

Delta Printer Update and Other Stuff

Well, it has been a while since I posted an update on the progress of the Printer, well, it seems I got distracted :).

In the past few months I have managed to learn a lot about the Laser Cutter and have been proud to be part of the team helping to get it back in action.  You should see some improvements in that very soon as we have new mirrors arriving soon and progress is happening every week.

Social Night - Returning for 2015

Hello everyone. Just a quick message to let you know that Social Night's are returning for 2015 from this Wednesday, 7 January. 

You can find all the details here for our first one of the year. 

Our Social Night's are a perfect opportunity for non-members to visit, check our the space and the people that make it what it is. Visitors are most welcome!

Here's to a massive 2015.

Craig Clark
HHS Vice President and wannabe maker! :)

Closing in on the finish line

Well, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  After a nice holiday break I managed to spend a few hours down at hackspace watching my last pieces printing on the MakerBot.  3 sets of rail guides later I now have a fully assembled printer :)

The next step on the path is to get the heatbed and hotend all mounted an ready to go and finalise the mounting of the electonics.  

In a bit of a work session this weekend I have assembled all off the electronics and tested them with the modified ATX power supply.


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