Laser Cutter/Engraver

Our laser cutter is a sealed CO2 laser capable of cutting perspex, glass, wood and MDF, as well as etching and engraving on many surfaces.  The software driving this treats it like a pen plotter, with different pen colours representing different laser power settings and feed rates.

It can also cut an etch using raster images, and this thing is FAST.

Safety Warnings

  • All covers and interlocks must be in place while operating this machine. Do not attempt to operate this machine with any covers off.
  • This machine must only be operated under Constant and Direct supervision. You must pause the job if you leave the room for any reason or any length of time no matter how short.
  • All operators of this machine must have completed our Fire Safety Induction and Fire Extinguisher training.
  • All fans must be in operation when the machine is in use with the extraction hose vented out of the window nearest the Laser cutter.
  • All powerpoints to this machine must be turned OFF when finished.

User Information

We are fortunate to have several fire fighters as members of the hackerspace, so all users are given detailed fire safety training prior to being allowed to operate this machine.

We are updating the user and safety guide for this machine to improve safety after a recent incident.