From Wikipedia:

A hackerspace (also referred to as a hacklab, makerspace, or hackspace) is a community-operated workspace where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, science, digital art or electronic art, can meet, socialise and/or collaborate.

Hobart Hackerspace Inc. was founded in 2012 after a successful crowd funding campaign which was designed to not only raise money, but to also gauge the interest in opening a dedicated community workshop dedicated to technology and art. After many months of searching, a license was signed with the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services to utilise one of the guardhouses at 2 St Johns Ave, New Town, on the edge of the former St Johns Park orphanage.

We are still in this building, though quickly outgrowing it so have begun the search for a new home, hopefully with higher ceilings and more open spaces.

Visitors are welcome on Thursday nights from 7pm, however, you will be asked to join after a few visits as we are currently funded entirely through membership fees.

For more information, please use the contact form to get in touch with members of the management committee.